Why we should vote No to CP2

DCU SIPTU members voted overwhelmingly at a recent general meeting to reject Version Two of the Croke Park Agreement.

The DCU SIPTU Section Committee accordingly has voted to reject and to campaign against the unfair and unreasonable demands made in CP2, which singles out public sector workers for special punishment.

A reminder of some of the radical and unprecedented changes that CP2 would bring:

  • PAY CUTS: There will be substantial pay cuts across all salary levels. Since 2008, our pay has already been cut by between 14 and 25%. Even with a wage freeze in place until 2016, our pay is being cut by inflation running at 2% per year.
  • PENSION CUTS: Pay cuts will translate into pension cuts for anyone retiring after August 2014.
  • LONGER HOURS: Everyone will be forced to work massively more hours for less reward.
  • INDIVIDUAL REVIEWS AND A DISMISSAL THREAT: Under CP2, each  individual will be subjected to a performance review which ultimately may result in ‘dismissal from the public service’ being ‘actively pursued’. Already, reviews of performance currently being pursued at DCU have set impossible and inappropriate targets for staff.
  • MORE STAFF CUTS: Unions signing up to CP2 are signing up to yet more staff reductions, or redeployments based on the ‘business needs’ of the employer.
  • CP3: The Government and some unions have blatantly torn up the original Croke Park Agreement, which promised no further pay cuts until 2014. CP2 already contains the seeds for further rounds of cuts, if and when its ‘commitments … must be revisited’. If we accept CP2, we are likely to face CP3, as austerity stifles economic growth. 

(This is a summary of a more detailed document setting out reasons to vote No).

Remaining poll dates:

  • Thursday, April 11th, 12-2pm, The Street
  • Friday, April 12th, 4-5pm in CG32 (beside the main restaurant) 

Staff are requested to bring ID.

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