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Ballot results

The results of the ballot in DCU and the SIPTU Education Sector are as follows: DCU 113 – Against 94 – For SIPTU Education Sector 636 – Against 852 – For Please note that the DCU count does not include … Continue reading

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Section Committee comments on the ‘Haddington Road’ result

Yet more pay cuts and extra work demands will hit DCU staff at the end of July, after SIPTU’s acceptance of the Haddington Road  proposals, rejected by the majority at the University. Here, the DCU Section Committee sets out its … Continue reading

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Exploding the myth of high public sector pensions

All public sector workers will be familiar with the endless propaganda of their ‘top hat’ pensions. Here, economist Michael Taft intervenes in what passes for public debate on the issue, with some facts.

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Why DCU admin & Library staff should say no to Haddington

The Section Committee sets out in this document (pdf) why the ‘Haddington Road Agreement’, as it affects members in Administrative and Library grades, should be rejected.

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Haddington Road ballots

The DCU Section Committee urges all members to turn out for the critical vote on the Haddington Road proposals.  Remaining ballots, which the Section Committee has advised members to reject,  are detailed below.

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Why DCU academics should reject the Haddington cuts

It is the opinion of the Section Committee that the Public Services Stability Agreement 2013 – 2016 (Haddington Road Agreement) does not represent any significant change from the original LRC proposals (‘Croke Park 2’) which this Section overwhelmingly rejected.

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The ‘Haddington Road’ cuts

The DCU Section Committee has unanimously called on members to reject the so-called Haddington Road proposals (pdf), the Government’s latest plan for public sector pay and other cuts. 

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