No requirement to complete new workload forms

The DCU SIPTU Section Committee restates its position regarding workload forms which are being circulated by management in some departments:

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What happens when universities treat students as customers

Time has a revealing opinion piece on how universities develop when they try to emulate big business and join the rankings arms race.

How American Universities Turned Into Corporations is a brief but telling article that shows that, while applying business logic to universities may be good for senior bureaucrats and their bank balances, it has not been good for students, and not good for academics.

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Academic work and quantified control

With workload and research metrics systems being introduced by management at DCU, Roger Burrows in this article throws some light on the effect of such measures on the working  lives of UK academics, where quantified control has already been adopted widely as third level education has become marketized.

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Can we really measure research supervisory quality?

In this post, economist Brian Lucey exposes the fallacies of the latest addition to the academic micro-measurement industry – that of measuring research supervisory quality. But it’s also well worth reading as a recap on the limitations of citation metrics generally and in particular the drive, currently also being pursued at DCU, to exclude papers and articles not found in selected commercial databases. This practice is described in unequivocal terms:

This is stark raving lunacy, but it shows how dangerous a simple metric can be in the hands of the ignorant.

Brian M. Lucey

Research metrics are fraught with danger. Usually they are dangerous when they are abused. We can measure the citation history of a paper but that tells us little beyond its citation history. We can measure raw output but that tells us simply how busy someone is. We can measure lots of things but they are all limited in some way. Measurement limitation does not prevent university administration from seizing on metrics and using them appallingly. I recently was informed of an Irish academic unit where papers published in journals that are not in the ISI Web of Science are not allowed to be used as part of any promotion or other college activity. They are un-papers. This is stark raving lunacy, but it shows how dangerous a simple metric can be in the hands of the ignorant.

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Union official’s on-campus consultations

SIPTU Education Sector Organizer Louise O’Reilly is to provide regular consultations for individual union members at DCU.

You can drop in to meet Louise in the SIPTU office, Room PG08 (near the main restaurant), from 12 to 2.30pm on May 9th, May 30th, and June 20th. Louise also can be contacted by email at

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TUI gets set for pay claims

The Teachers Union of Ireland, which represents 4,000 third level lecturers, has resolved at its annual conference to seek  pay rises. And the union says it will ballot its members to withdraw from the Haddington Road Agreement should the Government not honour its commitments. Full report in The Irish Times.

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DCU’s workload and FEC documents

DCU has begun to require academic staff in selected departments to complete extensive performance-related forms.

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