Third level staff cut by 2,246 since 2008

The Irish Independent has reported devastating third level job cuts of 2,246 since 2008.

Education Editor Katherine Donnelly points out that the 12pc drop, which amounts to more than the entire staff of UCD, ‘comes in the face of soaring demand for a college place, with a 15pc rise in enrolments over the same period, which translates as a 27pc reduction in the staff-student ratio in six years.’

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Public funding, not student debt, is the answer – NERI

Public funding, rather than increased fees and student debt, will safeguard the contribution of higher education to economic development and social mobility/cohesion, the recent NERI report on higher education concludes.

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Technological Universities: The Shotgun Marriages

Network for Irish Educational Standards

Shotgun Marriage
What with all of the hullabaloo surrounding the creation of Technological Universities, it is time to cut through the hype and look at the grim reality. In this the first piece in a series, we look at the ever-shifting proposed mergers and TU hopefuls and ask what the hell is really going on?

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UCD’s College Tribune on saving the university

UCD student newspaper The College Tribune carries an interview with Prof Ronnie Munck, of the DCU Section Committee, on the Defend the University campaign. The charter now has been signed by over 1,000 people.

‘Students want jobs (of course!) but they also want something more I think. The dumbing down of the university as it focuses on short term business needs and not students needs is bad news.’

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DCU union supports Tyndall staff

The DCU SIPTU Section Committee, representing all grades of staff at the University, has voted to express its support for colleagues at the Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork, in their dispute over the status of their employment.

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Third level spending cut by a fifth

Spending on third level education in Ireland fell by over 20% between 2003 and 2012, according to a new CSO report.

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Wilful ignorance and the business agenda

Section Committee member Ronnie Munck and TCD’s Brian Lucey argue in the Irish Independent for a deeper role for universities, beyond the short-term skills needs of business.

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