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Nobel winner: publishing tyranny makes bad science

Measuring academics’ work by means of publication in top scientific journals is part of a “tyranny” that must be broken, according to a Nobel prize winner. Advertisements

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Working more for less, all over the world

It’s not just the Haddington Road cuts, the troika and the austerity junkies with their ‘tough choices’ dogma who have you working harder and longer for less. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

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Destroying public universities: a 12-step programme

A succinct plan of action for the global shift to turn universities into private businesses is provided here by the US’s Chronicle of Higher Education. It seems that some on this side of the Atlantic already have the manual.

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Boom time for third level education, but not for lecturers

This article by Peter McGuire,  in The Irish Times, captures some of the reality of life as a lecturer as classes fill to bursting.

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The universities and the railroad barons

The coming of “academic capitalism” has been anticipated and praised for years; today it is here. Colleges and universities clamor greedily these days for pharmaceutical patents and ownership chunks of high-tech startups; they boast of being “entrepreneurial”; they have rationalized … Continue reading

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Universities as bootcamps for profit

Not all economists are of the opinion that the role of the university is solely to serve the interests of employers in the so-called knowledge economy. Here, Brian M. Lucey and Charles Larkin write about the takeover of Irish universities … Continue reading

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Abracadabra: you’re a part-timer

This insightful article, Abracadabra: you’re a part-timer, by Barbara Garson, tells how good jobs in America are being turned into bad ones, as employers take advantage of the recession. Workers in once-stable occupations are being confronted with massive losses of security, … Continue reading

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