No requirement to complete new workload forms

The DCU SIPTU Section Committee restates its position regarding workload forms which are being circulated by management in some departments:

DCU academics across a number of faculties are being asked to complete workload documents detailing their individual activities, on a pilot basis or otherwise.

These processes, with their attendant policies and forms, represent significant changes to the working environment of many academics, and have been introduced by management without adequate negotiation, in contravention of the University’s established industrial relations procedures.

At this point, in line with the stated wishes of members, the University SIPTU Section Committee has agreed to the operation of a pilot workload framework in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences relating to work in the current academic year, on an individual voluntary basis only.

The union advises that, as previously indicated, individual members are in no way required to complete the relevant workload forms. Any member who chooses not to complete the form and who is challenged or pressured on this basis, or who feels that they are victimised or disadvantaged because of their decision, should refer the matter to a SIPTU academic representative.

(This is a copy of a reminder which was emailed to staff on May 2nd).

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