US support for charter underlines role of academic labour

Welcome support for the Defend the University charter has come via the US’s Labor and Working-Class History Association.

Rosemary Feurer, an Associate Professor of History at Northern Illinois University, writes of the initiative:

‘This campaign deserves our support because it links the value of the labor of academics in higher education to the value of education as a public good. For those of us who oppose putting the educators’ brains under the administrators and university design specialists’ caps, who oppose the corporatization of the university, these principles are a good starting point for putting our brains back in our own heads. The idea that those on the front lines of the university workplace should guide the public purpose of this workplace is part of these demands.’

The LAWCHA site provides a rich resource of reports, commentary and discussion, such as this piece on Campus Labor and the Corporate University, foreshadowing the application of similar neo-liberal education strategies in Ireland.

(See also this site’s Asides for selected articles on neo-liberalism, the corporate university and new public management globally).