Abracadabra: you’re a part-timer

This insightful article, Abracadabra: you’re a part-timer, by Barbara Garson, tells how good jobs in America are being turned into bad ones, as employers take advantage of the recession. Workers in once-stable occupations are being confronted with massive losses of security, pay, pensions and other benefits, in the name of efficiency.

The pattern, in which more people are being pushed into precarious, ill-rewarded work previously typical of sectors such as fast food, can now be seen in Irish universities, including DCU, which heretofore might have been regarded as places of stable employment.

It is particularly relevant in light of the union’s recent success in stopping the deliberate downgrading of an academic member’s full-time job to derisory part-time hours.

‘…employers used the downturn to dump entire departments and reorganize themselves so that the same work, the same jobs, requiring the same skills, would henceforth, in good times and bad, be done by contingent workers.’

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