Taking a pay cut instead of extra hours

In response to queries, the Section Committee has clarified that staff can take a pay ‘adjustment’ instead of extra hours imposed under Haddington Road.

Section 2.6 of the Agreement allows people ‘to opt to remain on their current hours with appropriate pay adjustments for a period, after which the provisions of Paragraph 3.15 will apply’. The length of the period is not stipulated, and the provisions of 3.15 allow management discretion to alter the individual’s arrangements if three months’ notice is given.

A member seeking to retain their current hours at reduced pay will need to contact HR and advise them of this. The cost to them will depend on the number of hours they work and the number they are changing to – i.e. they will be opting to work a percentage of the full-time hours (which are increasing) and that will dictate the amount of adjustment.

Members should let the section committee know if there is disagreement about how much money is to be deducted.

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