What Haddington Road says on work hours and consultation

The Haddington Road Agreement, by which the University and the Union are bound, states the following in relation to implementation of increased working hours:


On a personal to holder basis, increases in working hours will be limited to two hours and fifteen minutes per week subject to the following:

  • This arrangement will only apply in the cases of these specific grades/workers referred to below above (sic) that grade, or on recruitment or promotion, a standard working week of 37 hours will apply.
  • A minimum working week of 35 hours will apply. Pro-rata arrangements will apply for job sharer and part time staff.
  • In the case of public servants covered by LCR 20366 the additional hours to be given will be inclusive of any additional time given as from 1st March in accordance with LCR 20366.
  • The divisor for overtime calculations will be based on 37 hours effective from 1st July 2013
  • Overtime will not be payable until 37 hours are worked and exceeded effective from 1st July 2013.

This arrangement will be reviewed before the end of the Agreement.

Where any mergers or restructuring of organisations arise, the issue of working hours should be addressed in direct discussions between the parties and failing agreement be referred for a final determination in accordance with the procedures of the Public Service Agreement and LCR 20366 and in good time to allow them to commence operation on standard terms and conditions of employment.

This phased arrangement will apply to the following Grades/workers:

  • IMPACT grades up to and including Grade VII and equivalents.
  • Library and Admin staff in the University sector.
  • MLSA basic and senior Medical and Laboratory Scientist grades.
  • Staff transferred into the civil service in 2010 from the health sector.


The actual implementation of these proposals will require detailed consultation at workplace level in order to maximise the capacity to accommodate issues for affected individuals.


Extra hours worked will be deployed and may be aggregated on a daily, weekly or annual basis as best meets service demands, following local consultation, based on the principles agreed in each sector.

  • NB: This direction toward particular provisions of the PSSA is not intended as a comprehensive statement of the Section Committee’s views on the agreement. Other parts of the agreement may be referenced here or elsewhere as they arise. 
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