Haddington Road work hours implementation

Following discussions with management and an information meeting with members yesterday, the Section Committee has issued a statement aimed at clarifying the position on working hours for SIPTU members at DCU.

In order to give clarity to members regarding the situation on implementation of the new agreement, we would like to point out the following:

Members at a union meeting on July 4th voted unanimously
1) that DCU was in breach of the Haddington Road Agreement if it imposed extra working without detailed local consultation;
and 2) that the meeting supported DCU-SIPTU’s position that the working week, as provided under Appendix 9 of the Agreement, is to be 35 hours per week, on a personal to holder basis.

Secondly, SIPTU has communicated to HR in DCU that:
a) implementation of the Haddington Rd Agreement requires detailed consultation at workplace level ( Section 2.5)  and that extra hours will only be deployed following local consultation (Section 2.6). Therefore, implementation of new working arrangement in the absence of any such consultation constitutes a breach in the agreement:
b) that Appendix 9 of the Agreement refers explicitly to Library and Admin. staff in the university sector, whose additional hours will be limited to two hours and 15 mins ( ie that this is an upper limit not a baseline) and that the minimum working week will be 35 hours per week.

These points have been officially communicated to HR, via letter from Louise O’ Reilly, SIPTU Branch Organiser, and also at a specially-convened meeting between DCU management and the Section Committee on July 4th.

SIPTU is therefore instructing its members in the Secretarial, Administrative and Library grades, and those on these grades on flexitime, to proceed on the basis of working a 35-hour week, while consultation and discussion on these issues continue.

In the event of different working hours being imposed by line managers, any member of SIPTU should refer the matter to the Section Committee or Branch Organiser of SIPTU, and she/he will be fully defended by SIPTU.

Thirdly, the Section Committee interprets the length of the new working week for technicians, under the Haddington Road Agreement, to be 38.5 hours per week, and it is in discussion with management about this.

  • Full text of the Public Sector Stability Agreement (Haddington Road  Agreement)
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