SIPTU instructs members not to work extra hours

SIPTU has instructed members at DCU not to work extra hours demanded by management without consultation as required by the Haddington Road Agreement.

The Section Committee will hold an information session for ALL staff on the terms and implementation of Haddington Road on Thursday, 4th July, from 1-2pm in room HG19, School of Nursing and Human Sciences.

The Committee met on Monday 1st July, to consider the changes to working hours announced by DCU management on Friday, 28th June.

SIPTU’s instruction to members is to NOT work to these new working hours. Working hours should remain as they were prior to 1st July 2013. The basis for this decision is that there has been no consultation or negotiation between SIPTU and DCU management regarding the implementation of these changes.

As such, the decision to proceed with the new working hours falls outside the terms of the ‘Haddington Road Agreement’, to which the university and union are bound. These clearly state that implementation of these changes requires ‘detailed consultation at workplace level’ (2.5 ‘Additional Working Hours’, p.7).

Furthermore, there is an agreed consultation procedure between the recognised trade union, SIPTU, and DCU regarding the implementation of changes, such as those represented by this agreement.

DCU management are in breach of the terms of the agreement by implementing these changes without consultation or negotiation at local level.

To repeat: SIPTU’s position is that working hours remain as prior to 1st July pending negotiation with management on implementation.

Any member with a query on the new hours or other issues should not hesitate to contact the Section Committee at

  • SIPTU Education Sector Organizer Louise O’Reilly also has written to Administration and Library Members advising them of the union’s position in response to the management circulars to staff  (view pdf).
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