Agreed academic workload principles 2010

This document sets out principles for allocating work to academic grades at DCU: Lecturers’ workload july 2010 (pdf)

It has been referred to and accepted by both the SIPTU Section Committee, representing staff, and Human Resources, representing the University, in centralised discussions since 2010, and continues to be recognised by management as the guiding framework for setting workloads. 

On November 30th, 2012, the Section Committee advised all SIPTU academic members as follows:

Dear Member,

Further to the most recent SIPTU/HR meeting the Section Committee and our Sector Organiser, Louise O’Reilly, wish to advise academic members as follows:

There is an agreed document which we advise our members to adhere to in relation to the allocation of academic workloads (copy attached);

SIPTU members are advised that this is currently the only agreed document and it has not been replaced or superseded by any other document – we have advised HR of this position; and,

Further to queries received by the Section, we advise that SIPTU members are not obligated to fill out other, non-agreed, documentation arising from local level initiatives regarding academic workloads.

Best Regards,

Ciarán McKenna


On behalf of the Section Committee.

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