How DCU defines ‘research active’

The University Research Committee in May 2010 set out its approved definition of ‘Research Active’, in its report to Academic Council.

The report section is quoted in full below:

A ‘Research Active’ individual is understood as someone who pursues research on an
ongoing basis, as a major focus of their academic activity.

To be regarded under the DCU definition as ‘research active’ a staff member shall

Section A
Published at least three items from any listed below in the past five years:

· Research book published by a reputable academic publisher
· Chapter in a book published by a reputable academic publisher
· Refereed Journal Article
· Refereed Conference Paper
· Commissioned Report
· Policy Paper

AND achieved at least one of the following measures in the past five years:

Section B

1. One external competitive research grant,
2. External research income of more than €25,000,
3. Supervision to successful completion of at least one graduate research student,
4. Publication of a further two publications in addition to those above,
5. Be a named inventor on a DCU patent application,
6. They can demonstrate a significant artistic, clinical, translational or other
relevant output that is comparable to the six criteria specified in section A.

Alternatively, there may be other circumstances that justify staff being classified as research active. Exceptions to this measure can be nominated by the Head of
Department and approved by the Vice-President for Research.

Leave of Absence, Maternity leave, career break etc should be factoring (sic) in when
calculating the previous five years working life.

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